Welcome to My Custom Shop of Minky Blankets, Bedding, and other Accessories

Blankets and accessories made by Magical Minkies are sure to make your little ones snuggle a little longer and adults enjoy their hanging out time longer. Custom made with the softest minky and embrace materials around, it will bring extra comfort to all who come into contact with them; both children and adults.

To make children comfortable and happy has always been one of my deepest desires. When my children were young, I would cuddle them with different fabric blankets, but they were not as soft and comfortable. When I discovered minky fabric, I decided to make one for my first grandchild. It was an overnight success with my family members and friends; I could not keep up with the orders. That was my inspiration to start my business to make minky blankets, which also allows me to reach my goal of making children happy and comfortable.

Minky Blankets
Minky Blankets

Then we started making other accessories and items.

I love to spoil my grandchildren with new minky blankets all the time, especially the newborns. They ask for their soft comfy blanket when they do not feel good or when they just need to feel cozy.

Similarly the adults can cuddle with these soft minky blankets and accessories when they do not feel good, when they just want to rest on the couch in front of TV, or give as wedding gifts.

I put my two great loves of sewing and spoiling my grandchildren together and figured the best way is, to sew blankets and leave a little piece of that comfort in each of them. I hope that each product will not only serve it’s purpose but bring the comfort and love that I feel for each person I make them for. I would love to make a product with love and send it to you and your loved ones.

We believe in peace of mind, therefore all of our fabrics have been tested for lead and have passed all government regulations. The testing was conducted by an independent laboratory. Our Distributor have complied with all the guidelines of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). We would like to reiterate the importance of conducting your own product testing, since the Act requires the finished product to be tested as well.

Our Mission

Magical Minkies seeks to create and promote soft and cuddly products

We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft our products; and provide outstanding service through dedication and excellence. To exceed our customers expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction. To provide warm and cuddly blankets and accessories for every child throughout the world to make them happy and comfortable.

Our Story

To make children comfortable and happy has been one of my deepest desires.

When my children were young, I would cuddle them with different fabric blankets, but they were not as soft and very comfortable.

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