Create A Custom Minky Pillow Cover


Let’s start building your custom pillow cover! Please select your favorite minky fabric and a size!

  • Aeroplanes Captain Double Gauze Embrace
  • Aim High Double Gauze Embrace
  • Coral Dandelion Double Gauze Embrace
  • Fresh Cut Pastel Double Gauze Embrace
  • Pink Butterflies Double Gauze Embrace
  • Baby Jaguar Minky
  • Bearfoot Cuddle
  • Birdsing Bluebell Minky
  • Green Camouflage Minky
  • Coral Premier Blooms Minky
  • Dino Midnight Minky
  • You Scared Me Monsters Minky
  • Twinkle Toes Cuddle
  • Truck Rally Cuddle
  • Madrid Violeta Cuddle
  • Ivory Aztec Minky
  • Forest Park Cuddle
  • Graphite Deer To Me Minky
  • Kritter Camp Cuddle
  • Lady Bug Cuddle
  • Lets Explore Minky
  • Lodge Cabin Cuddle
  • Navy Aeroplanes Minky
  • Royal & Blue Archers Minky
  • Tie Dye Navy Minky
  • Cabin Quilt Scarlet Minky
  • Denali Scarlet Minky
  • Champs Cuddle Minky
  • Space Cadents Minky
  • Buffalo Check Black Cuddle
  • Premier Archer Ash _ Snow cuddle
  • Premier Dandelion Silver _ Snow Cuddle
  • Llama White Cuddle Minky
  • Luxe Cuddle Hide Banana Minky
  • Luxe Cuddle Almond Minky
  • Luxe Cuddle Indigo Minky
  • Luxe Cuddle Extra Soft Hide Ivory Minky
  • Luxe Cuddle Extra Soft Hide Truffle Minky
  • Luxe Marble Black and Silver Rose Cuddle
  • Luxe Cuddle Ivory Chinchilla
  • Luxe Cuddle Jupiter Steel
  • Luxe Cuddle Brooklyn Natural
  • Paris Pink Cuddle Minky
  • Blue Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Snow White Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Ivory Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Yellow Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Latte Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Lavender Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Silver Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Solid Crimson Minky
  • Solid Mandarin Minky
  • Solid Coral Minky
  • Solid Fuchsia Minky
  • Solid Bubblegum Minky
  • Solid Emerald Minky
  • Solid Navy Minky
  • Solid Brown Minky
  • Solid Caramel Minky
  • Solid Cappuccino Minky
  • Silver Solid Cuddle
  • Solid Platinum Minky
  • Natural Solid Minky
  • Luxe Cuddle Extra Soft Hide Safari Minky
  • Paris Pink MInky
  • Solid Gold Minky
  • Solid Snow White Minky
  • Luxe Cuddle Sand Minky
  • Charcoal Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Buffalo Check Black Minky
  • Dandelion Silver Snow Minky
  • Sunflower Marigold Minky
  • Gone Fishing Minky
  • Melody Viola Minky
  • Pine Mountain Minky
  • Solid Cactus Minky
  • Solid Salt Water Minky
  • Solid Royal Blue Minky
  • Solid Black Minky
  • Solid Amethyst Minky
  • Solid Red Minky
  • Solid Scarlet Minky
  • Luxe Cuddle Extra Soft Hide Merlot Minky
  • Pink Blossom Minky
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Body Pillow
  • Floor Pillow
  • King
  • Queen
  • Standard

1st) Choose your fabric

2nd) Choose the size

3rd) Complete the checkout process

4th) Your pillow is on the way!

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Let's start building your customized pillow case! Please select your favorite minky fabric and a size to match!


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Let’s start building your customized pillow cover! Please select your favorite minky fabric and a size to match!