What’s the Best Way to Wear a Patterned Bomber Jacket in a Creative Office Space?

April 7, 2024

Confidence, creativity, and style go hand in hand, particularly in creative workplaces. Here, your outfit of the day is not just an ensemble of clothing items; it’s an expression of your personality, creativity, and professional demeanor. Among the many pieces of wardrobe that can elevate your style, the patterned bomber jacket stands out. It’s trendy, versatile, and can make a statement that resonates with your artistic flair. But how can you incorporate it into your workplace attire? Let’s delve into how to wear a patterned bomber jacket in a creative office space, ensuring your style remains as inspiring as your work.

1. Pair it with a Solid-Colored Outfit

A patterned bomber jacket is often the centerpiece of an ensemble. Its eye-catching designs can easily turn heads, and pairing it with a solid-colored outfit allows the jacket to shine.

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However, selecting the right colors is crucial. While it’s safe to stick to neutral colors like black, white, or gray, don’t hesitate to venture out and choose bold colors that complement the patterns on your jacket. For instance, if the bomber jacket features a blue and green pattern, pairing it with a solid green dress or a blue top and skirt ensemble can make your outfit pop but still look cohesive.

Remember, in a creative office space, your clothes don’t just cover you; they communicate your sense of style and often, your ability to think outside the box. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with color. But also remember to balance things out to avoid looking too busy or overwhelming.

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2. Layer it Over a Dress

Dresses are versatile pieces that can transition from casual to office-appropriate with the right accessories and layering pieces. And when it comes to adding a layer of interest and warmth, nothing beats the bomber jacket.

To ace this combination, opt for a dress that complements the shape and length of your bomber jacket. For instance, a knee-length dress works well with a bomber jacket that hits at your waist. You can also play with contrasts; a feminine, flowy midi dress topped with a tough-looking bomber jacket can create a stylish balance.

The patterns on the bomber jacket can add dynamics to your outfit. Whether it’s floral, geometric, or abstract, the key is to let these patterns create a visual interest against the backdrop of your dress.

3. Mix it with Other Patterns

For those confident in their fashion mixing skills, combining a patterned bomber jacket with other patterns can make a bold and creative statement in the office.

However, mixing patterns requires a careful consideration of color, size, and type of patterns. As a rule of thumb, keep one pattern dominant and the other(s) as accent(s). For instance, if your bomber jacket has large, colorful patterns, pair it with a top or a skirt with subtle, smaller prints. Similarly, if your jacket features a geometric pattern, you can pair it with a floral-printed top to create a fun and unexpected combination.

This approach to dressing shows your ability to take risks and your understanding of the principles of design – color, balance, and contrast, among others. It can be a testament to your creativity and attention to detail, something that can impress both your colleagues and clients.

4. Pair it with Denim

Denim is a classic fabric that can bring a casual coolness to your office attire. When paired with a bomber jacket, it can create an edgy, street-style look that can set you apart in the office.

You can opt for a pair of well-fitted jeans, a denim skirt, or even a denim dress. The key is to choose a denim piece that complements the style of your bomber jacket and the overall vibe of your workplace. For a more sophisticated look, go for darker washes. If your office is more laid back, distressed denim can add a unique touch.

Remember, in a creative office, you’re not just presenting your work; you’re also showcasing your personal brand. And a patterned bomber jacket paired with denim can be a powerful testament to your knack for balancing comfort and style.

5. Dress it Up with Accessories

Accessories are a powerful tool to elevate your outfit and make your style uniquely yours. While the patterned bomber jacket can stand as a statement piece, well-chosen accessories can tie your office look together.

Depending on the patterns and colors of your bomber jacket, you can choose accessories that complement or contrast with it. For instance, a colorful scarf, a statement necklace, or even a stylish hat can add layers of interest to your ensemble.

Moreover, your footwear can also transform your look. Pairing your bomber jacket with heeled boots, for instance, can add a touch of sophistication, while sneakers can create a laid-back, cool look.

In a creative office space, your style can speak volumes about your professional capabilities. A patterned bomber jacket, worn thoughtfully, can make you look stylish and competent, and allow your creativity to shine.

6. Opt for a Monochromatic Look

If you’re a fan of a more minimalist and sleek style, a monochromatic look could be the answer. The idea here is to select an outfit that matches the dominant color within the pattern on your bomber jacket, creating a streamlined and harmonious look.

For instance, if your bomber jacket features a black and white geometric pattern, opting for a black and white ensemble would create a sophisticated, unified aesthetic. The beauty of this approach lies in its simplicity. It allows the pattern on the bomber jacket to take center stage, without clashing with other colors or patterns in your outfit.

Creating a monochromatic look can be as simple as wearing a plain white t-shirt with black jeans, or a navy-blue dress to match a navy dominant jacket. This style can not only make you look taller and slimmer, but it’s also an excellent way to show off your understanding of color theory and visual balance.

However, to avoid looking too monotonous, consider incorporating different textures or materials into your outfit. For instance, a silk blouse paired with leather pants can create a varied and interesting look, even when the colors are the same. This level of detail can demonstrate your ability to think creatively and innovatively, traits that are highly valued in a creative office space.

7. Play with Proportions

Another stylish way to wear a patterned bomber jacket in a creative office space is to play with proportions. This could mean pairing your bomber jacket with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt to create a balanced silhouette, or opting for an oversized jacket with high-waisted trousers for a more fashion-forward look.

The key to mastering this style is to understand the balance and movement of your outfit. If your bomber jacket is oversized and loose, pairing it with something more fitted can create an appealing contrast. On the other hand, if your jacket is cropped and fitted, try pairing it with wide-leg pants or a maxi skirt for a chic and sophisticated look.

Playing with proportions is not just about creating a visually pleasing outfit, it’s also about showcasing your understanding of form, a crucial component in many creative fields. By manipulating the proportions of your outfit, you can create a dynamic and interesting look that portrays your creative thinking and artistic sensibilities.


In conclusion, wearing a patterned bomber jacket in a creative office space is not just about following trends, it’s about expressing your creativity, sophistication, and artistic flair. Whether you’re pairing it with a solid-colored outfit, layering it over a dress, mixing it with other patterns, teaming it up with denim, dressing it up with accessories, opting for a monochromatic look, or playing with proportions, there are countless ways to make this versatile piece work for you.

Remember, your clothing choices can communicate a lot about you, so don’t be afraid to experiment and step out of your comfort zone. After all, style is a form of self-expression and a creative office space is the perfect place to showcase your individuality and creativity. So, let your patterned bomber jacket be a testament to your creativity, and let it make as bold a statement as your work does.