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Heavenly soft minky blankets from Magical Minkies will make you feel as though you’re wrapped in love and luxury — durable, affordable love and luxury.

Our hand-crafted blankets and accessories provide comfort so velvety soft you’ll never want to leave them behind. Yet they’re sturdy enough to follow you everywhere. And starting at under $50, you won’t find a more perfect and affordable gift — for yourself or someone else.

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Magical Minkies will proudly donate 10% of every product ordered to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through the Woman of the Year campaign

Surprise your loved one with a luxurious soft mink blankets from Magical Minkies.

Minky Blankets

Everyone loves our original Minkies, available in sizes that range from Baby and Travel to Queen and King. Choose your favorites from our store or for a truly unique gift, let us create a custom minky blanket!

Baby Blankets

Our heirloom-quality minky baby blankets will become a treasured keepsake. Baby- and throw-sized Minkies make the perfect shower gift — and you can even get matching Minkies for mom and baby!

Tag Blankets

Tag blankets, more commonly known as Taggies, are one of the best ways to engage your baby’s senses while providing them with the ultimate in cozy comfort.d baby!

Weighted Blankets

Magical Minkies weighted blankets provide the deepest, most restful sleep you can image. No medication or scary side effects — just amazing comfort and relaxation. 

Bedsheets & Pillow Covers

Complete your ensemble with coordinating minky pillow covers and bedsheets. Surround yourself with luxurious comfort in dozens of styles and colors to complement any décor.

What is minky?

We create our minky blankets and accessories using a specialty micro-plush fabric that is both vegan and cruelty-free.

Minky fabric is silky soft, luxurious, and smooth. It is very cuddly and plush that no one can resist its incredible softness. Minky fabric is comforting for any age as used in blankets or other accessories. It is as soft as real mink or chinchilla fur; besides warming the users, it gives special comfort and soft feeling.


Minky fabric comes in lots of different colors. Minky fabric comes in lots of different patterns and prints. Minky fabrics comes in different textures like dots, plush, and cuddle

Our fabrics provide amazing durability, so you can toss your mink blanket into the washer and dryer again and again. We pair this easy-care, quick-drying fabric with a double-gauze cotton Embrace fabric to create the ultimate in style and comfort.

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