Create A Custom Blanket


Let's start building your custom blanket! Please select your favorite minky fabric and a size!

1st) Use our measurement diagram to ensure you get the correct blanket size you want. 2nd) Choose your outside fabric. 3rd) Choose your inside fabric 4th) Choose the size 5th) Complete the checkout process 6th) Your Blanket is on the way!     If you would like to create a custom blanket using the same fabric for both sides; please choose the fabric you want on either the inside or outside fabric options and then choose the option of “Use same fabric as Inside Fabric” or “Use same fabric as Outside Fabric”
  • Aeroplanes Captain Double Gauze Embrace
  • Aim High Double Gauze Embrace
  • Coral Dandelion Double Gauze Embrace
  • Fresh Cut Pastel Double Gauze Embrace
  • Pink Butterflies Double Gauze Embrace
  • Baby Jaguar Minky
  • Bearfoot Cuddle
  • Birdsing Bluebell Minky
  • Black and White Camouflage Minky
  • Green Camouflage Minky
  • Pink Camouflage Minky
  • Colorful Night Owls Minky
  • Coral Premier Blooms Minky
  • Dino Midnight Minky
  • You Scared Me Monsters Minky
  • Twinkle Toes Cuddle
  • Truck Rally Cuddle
  • Sweet Posy Lilac Minky
  • Coral Blossom Minky
  • Purple Dandelion MInky
  • Paris Pink and Snow Giraffa Minky
  • Navy and White Elefants Minky
  • Mott Dot Blush and Silver Minky
  • Madrid Violeta Cuddle
  • Ivory Aztec Minky
  • Forest Park Cuddle
  • Graphite Dandelion Minky
  • Graphite Deer To Me Minky
  • Kritter Camp Cuddle
  • Lady Bug Cuddle
  • Lets Explore Minky
  • Lodge Cabin Cuddle
  • Navy Aeroplanes Minky
  • Royal and Blue Archers Minky
  • Tie Dye Navy Minky
  • Cabin Quilt Scarlet Minky
  • Denali Scarlet Minky
  • Champs Cuddle Minky
  • Dandelion Amethyst Minky
  • Space Cadents Minky
  • Use Inside Fabric
  • Llama White Cuddle Minky
  • Luxe Cuddle Hide Banana Minky
  • Luxe Cuddle Almond Minky
  • Luxe Cuddle Indigo Minky
  • Luxe Cuddle Extra Soft Hide Ivory Minky
  • Luxe Cuddle Extra Soft Hide Truffle Minky
  • Luxe Marble Black and Silver Rose Cuddle
  • Luxe Cuddle Ivory Chinchilla
  • Luxe Cuddle Jupiter Steel
  • Luxe Cuddle Brooklyn Natural
  • Paris Pink Cuddle Minky
  • Blue Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Snow White Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Ivory Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Yellow Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Latte Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Lavender Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Silver Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Saltwater Rose Cuddle Minky
  • Solid Crimson Minky
  • Solid Mandarin Minky
  • Solid Coral Minky
  • Solid Fuchsia Minky
  • Solid Bubblegum Minky
  • Solid Emerald Minky
  • Solid Navy Minky
  • Purple Solid Minky
  • Solid Brown Minky
  • Solid Caramel Minky
  • Solid Cappuccino Minky
  • Silver Solid Cuddle
  • Solid Platinum Minky
  • Natural Solid Minky
  • Solid White Minky
  • Luxe Cuddle Sand Minky
  • Luxe Cuddle Extra Soft Hide Safari Minky
  • Paris Pink MInky
  • Solid Gold Minky
  • Solid Snow White Minky
  • Use Outside Fabric
  • King ( 108 x 90 )
  • Queen ( 90 x 90 )
  • Twin ( 60 x 90)
  • Grande ( 60 x 72 )
  • Throw ( 55 x 60 )
  • Travel ( 36 x 55 )
  • Baby ( 30 x 40 )
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Let’s start building your customized blanket! Please select your favorite minky fabric and a size to match!