Minky Blanket: its variety, How to take care it and Sew it.

Minky is known as a special type of fabric which has a luxurious look to it and it is most often used for making baby blankets, baby accessories and clothing for baby. The fabric is soft like fleece but at the same time, it is thicker. Minky is said to be of high quality hence the color does not fade even after multiple wash and also the warmth does not decrease over time. Minky blankets are available in varied sizes and styles as per the demand of the customers. It is available for both children as well as adults.

Minky blankets also serve as an ideal gifting option for every occasion such as birthdays, baby shower, holidays, appreciation, farewell gift, weddings and housewarming parties.

Minky Fabric –

Minky fabric is one of the softest and smooth fabric used for preparing blankets and for other uses as well. The fabric is rich in various colors and also has vibrant patterns which are very much soft upon touching and comfortable enough. There are minky blankets having varied patterns which can also reflect the personal style of the individuals. The swirl fabric in minky blankets is said to have the largest selection to the colors which can complement the pattern which has been chosen. The swirl minky blankets are soft and would make you fall in love with them.

The sorbet minky fabric is said to be smooth as silk. The fiber is designed in a way so that it lies flat and at the same time lends a luxurious feel along with beautiful texture to it. The colors in the sorbet minky fabric is very much vibrant and is full of different flavors. The premium plush minky fabric is known as the fluffiest and softest of all the other types of fabrics and also it is not at all bulky. It is very much lightweight. Each of the fiber stands on the premium plush minky fabric is known to stand on end to for proving maximum height as well as a velvety gorgeous look and feel to it.

Variety –

One can choose from a varied range of patterns which would suit the style of the customer, varied colors such as navy blue, purple, blue and many more such colors to select from. There are also varied sizes of Minky blankets available which can range from 10 by 18 inches when it comes to mini, 30 by 36 inches for infants, for teens it is 36 by 50 inches and for adults, it is 50 to 60 inches. There are also bigger size blankets available in the size of 60 to 70 inches. It is always recommended to go in for a bit bigger size so that it can wrap up pretty easily.

There are minky dot fabric, various patterns such as paws, a deep ocean pattern, arrow embossed cuddle pattern and many more such varieties are available. It is not only limited to baby’s, minky blanket is made available to adults as well in varied sizes to fit them all. Custom made baby blankets are also a new rage.

How to take care of Minky Blankets –

Minky blankets are known to be made one at a time and mostly pass out all of the quality test so that only the best is given to the customers. Minky blankets are known to last for longer durations but should be maintained well. Hence you would need to wash them well with cold water and gentle soap or detergent. Do not use Fabric Softener and no heat should be used for cleaning or washing minky blankets.

How to sew minky blanket?

Minky blankets are available online as well as in stores in varied ranges, colors, styles, and sizes. For those individuals who would like to sew a minky baby blankets for their little one but have little experience about it can go through the below steps on how to sew a blanket. It anytime feels so good to prepare a handmade item for the baby which can be treasured for lifetime. Also, it is not labor intensive to sew it.

  • For sewing, a minky blanket, all you would need is a sewing machine, thread, pins, one-yard cotton, one-yard minky, and scissors.
  • Tear the cotton fabric on each of the sides by making a small snip with the scissors on each of the sides. This would ensure that the fabric corners are in a perfect square. Most of the time when one gets the fabric off the bold it does not get cut on the grain and it would rather look like a rhombus instead of a square. You can get it back on the grain by tearing the fabric properly.
  • Place down the minky fabric on the floor and right side up and the cotton fabric should be placed on top with the right side down. Any excess should be trimmed down with the help of the scissors.
  • The edges should be pinned properly in every few inches. You can leave a gap of 6 inches on each of the sides.
  • Then sew a half inch of seam around these edges but not on the six inches’ gap. Then backstitch on either side of the gap to avoid the cloth from ripping off.
  • Stick the arm into the hole which you had created above and then flip the blanket inside out. In this particular stage, the blanket should look like a bit of a pillowcase.
  • Now poke the corners out with the fingers and then pin the edges down.
  • You can start sewing where the hole is and then sew a seam of 1/4th inches around the edges and then finish off sewing rest of the blanket. Where the seams connect you can do a backstitch so as to secure the thread properly.

This would complete the stitching of the minky baby blanket. The first one mostly takes a bit longer duration but if you stitch the other it would take you lesser time for stitching.